IARPP Conference 2017 - Call for Papers


25-28 May 2017



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We are pleased to open the call for papers for the 14th annual IARPP conference, to be held in Sydney Australia in 2017. The conference will be held at the SMC Conference Centre, 66 Goulburn Street, Sydney, and will run from Thursday 25th May to Sunday 28th May 2017.

The call for papers is now open, and will close at midnight AEST on 2nd October 2016.

When the term ‘relational psychoanalysis’ was first used by Greenberg and Mitchell in 1983, it represented an alternate proposition to the prevailing drive-based view of psychic structure. As such, we might say that the development of relational psychoanalysis itself was situated within the notion of a message from the margins to the centre.

As Jessica Benjamin wrote in the first edition of the E-news in 2002, one of the reasons for founding the IARPP was to “provide opportunities for people in many different settings in North America and around the world to interact ... there are centres of relational thought that would tend toward becoming insular or self-satisfied without the challenge of people who come from different environments where these ideas are not taken for granted.”

In this conference, in acknowledgement of the fact that Australia and New Zealand are on the margins of the world map, we expect to explore challenges to the centres of relational thought, while also seeking the interplay of ideas flowing from the centre, from the mainstream, in many directions. The conference seeks to examine dialectical tensions between the edge and the centre, between mainstream and innovative ideas from within many different contexts. The vision of the IARPP is to be open to multiple dialogues and dialectics centered in the world of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy but extending into the contemporary world.

The Sydney conference takes as its theme the enrichment of mainstream ideas and concepts by the addition of thoughts ‘from the margins’. It is our vision that progress and creativity thrive when familiar concepts and ideas are seen from new angles. Those who live, work and think at the margins, at the edges, away from the centre, necessarily have perspectives that differ from those who look from the centre, or from the mainstream. We hope that our conference will offer the opportunity to bridge differences and accordingly, we would like to extend a warm invitation to our colleagues in Asia and the Pacific to join us in developing these contemporary relational perspectives.

We would like to encourage presentations that offer new and creative ways of looking at, thinking about, and practising psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. This represents a very broad umbrella of ways to engage with the conference theme, and can encompass a range of topics from the more familiar to the radically different. 

We welcome papers that are within the realm of established psychoanalytic ideas but might look at these from a new angle or perspective. Some examples might include clinical papers and case studies, papers which elaborate and develop relational theory, and critiques of theory and established thinking. On the other hand, papers which address issues which are further afield on the far margins are equally welcome. Examples of these might include geographic, racial, cultural, sexual, socio-political or economic margins; or populations and cultures at the margins of our society. Then there are the ways of thinking about psychoanalysis and psychotherapy that are situated at the boundaries of current theory, and new settings in which psychoanalysis is applied.

These are just some examples of how thoughts from the margins might emerge: in this conference, we invite submissions from all interpretations of the term.

If you have any queries, you’re welcome to contact us on iarppsydney2017@gmail.com


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Conference Co-Chairs: Cathy Hicks PhD; Sarah Calvert PhD
International Steering Committee: Alejandro Avila Espada PhD, Sharon Beiman PhD, Susi Federici-Nebbiosi PhD, Juan Francisco Jordan MD, Hazel Ipp PhD, Rina Lazar PhD, Gianni Nebbiosi PhD, Chana Ullman PhD.
Local Committee: Mary Bayles MSW, Lesley Brokenshire, Margie Chodos MCFT, Annette Conradi MCFT, Roberto D’Angelo PsyD MBBS, Margaret Pearl, Daud Saeed MBBS FRANZCP, Claire Virtue MSW, Dale Wiren NZRP.

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